Our products

  • Electric shaft type furnaces for heat treatment of lengthy metal parts in vertical position and for heavy parts where it is necessary to use lifting equipment. Working chamber can be of cylinder or rectangular shape and depending on particular process the chamber can be equipped with air mixer.
  • These furnaces can be equipped with retorts which are used for thermo chemical processes such as nitrating, carburizing or nitrocarburizing.
  • Working chamber volume - from 0,5m3 to 5m3
  • For temperature control programmable controllers, which permit to set a temperature range in respect of time, are used.

Additional equipment:
  • Software for data logging in PC
  • Programmable indication of process
  • Retorts for thermo chemical processes
  • Gas supply and cooling systems
  • Chamber cover lifting equipment
  • Dangčio pakėlimo-nuleidimo mechanizmas