Our products

  • Electric and gas heated bell type furnaces for heat treatment of metals and ceramics in serial production. Such furnaces are used for heat treatment of wire, metal strips and other parts, ceramic products, etc. Construction of the furnace consists of insulated cover shell with heating elements and one or more loading platforms.
  • Furnaces of such type are widely used for heat treatment of heavy weight and large products. Construction of the furnace allows saving workspace and better productivity comparing to other types of furnaces can be achieved using more than one platform. These furnaces are very convenient when it is necessary to use protective gases during thermal process.
  • Working chamber volume - from 0,5m3 to 10m3.
  • For temperature control programmable controllers, which permit to set a temperature range in respect of time, are used.

Additional equipment:
  • Software for data logging in PC.
  • Programmable indication of process.
  • Equipment for protective gas.
  • Equipment for cover lifting and platform motion.