Our products

  • Continuous electric and gas heated furnaces and ovens designed for heat treatment of various materials and parts in serial production.
  • Equipment of such type can be easily integrated into continuous technological lines, which are more productive than ordinary furnaces depending on the degree of mechanization and automation of the lines.
  • By introduction of multi zone control there is a possibility to make several technological processes in one furnace. The charge along the working chamber can be transported by bogies, chain belts, rollers, etc.
  • For furnace control programmable controllers are used.

Additional equipment:
  • Software for data logging in PC
  • Adjustable speed of transportation of charge
  • Protection gas supply systems
  • Temperature, humidity, charge movement process control using CPU, program setting by “touch screen”.
  • Protection gas supply system
  • Automatic control of air-gas flaps
  • Forced cooling system
  • Programmable indication of process.
  • Supplementary units such as shelves, loading-unloading equipment, workbenches, bogies, hardening vessels etc.