Our products

  • Electric and gas heated bogie ovens are designed for heat treatment of various materials and parts in serial production. Comparing to other types of ovens the loading-unloading process is easier, it can be mechanized using several regimes.
  • Ovens of such type are used for lower temperature heat treatment processes such as humidity and different volatile materials removal, preheating of different parts before other thermal processes, for powder painting, rubber vulcanization, low temperature annealing, low or medium stress release, etc.
  • During low temperature thermal processes different gases and steams evaporate, therefore, working chamber construction must ensure tightness and exhaust of gases into ventilation system. Our ovens have air circulation systems which guarantee precise temperature uniformity, fresh air supply and gas exhaust from the working chamber. Depending on aggressiveness of the emitted gasses the working chamber can be made of different types of stainless steel or aluminum. The ovens which are designed for processes where the speed of air circulation must be limited have air speed controllers. For drying processes in explosive atmospheres normally heating elements with double protection and non-sparking components are installed.
  • Working chamber volume - from 1m3 to 10m3
  • For temperature control programmable controllers, which permit to set a temperature range in respect of time, are used.

Additional equipment:
  • Software for data logging in PC;
  • Temperature, door opening and bogie motion process control using CPU, program setting by “touch screen”.
  • Electromechanical or pneumatic door opening
  • Electromechanical bogie motion drive
  • System for protection gas supply
  • Automatic control of gas exhaust flaps
  • Sterile chambers, air filtration systems
  • Forced cooling system
  • Programmable indication of process
  • Complete set of supplementary units.