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  • Electric and gas heated chamber furnaces of periodical operation are designed for heat treatment of small and medium sized parts in piece or small series production.
  • Furnaces of such type are used for hardening, annealing, heating before forging, normalization and other types of heat treatment of metal parts, and also for professional firing of ceramic and glass products.
  • Furnaces for heat treatment of metal are heavier and have a stronger construction comparing to similar equipment for ceramics and glass because parts with stronger mechanical and better thermal shock resistance properties are used in their production. Stronger construction of furnace frame and bottom, mechanical and thermal shock proof arch of chamber ensure stability and strength during the loading of heavy charge while higher power guarantees very quick recovery of temperature because normally loading-unloading works are performed after the furnace is heated up. Special flaps are mounted for exhaust of waste gas, which occur during thermal process of different parts inside working chamber.
  • Furnaces for firing of ceramics and heat treatment of glass have a lighter-weight construction made from light-weight materials, because thermal processes are performed in a soft mode.
  • For temperature control programmable controllers, which permit to set a temperature range in respect of time, are used.
  • Working chamber volume - from 0,2m3 to 5m3. For furnaces with chamber volumes higher than 2m3 we offer additional loading equipment.

Additional equipment:

  • Software for data logging in PC
  • Electromechanical or pneumatic door opening
  • Automatic control of exhaust air flaps
  • Forced cooling system
  • Programmable indication of process
  • Complete set of supplementary units such as shelves, workbenches, loading equipment, hardening vessels, etc.