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Hardening Brazing Surface quenc Annealing
Soldering Melting of metals Working temperature (0C):
Protective gas required We don’t need protective gas Vacuum required We don’t need vacuum
Vacuum high : Cooling water open loop Cooling water closed loop
Piece to be heated
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ferromagnetic metal Nonferrous metals Conductive ceramics Nonconductive ceramics
Dimensions(width (diam.) mm x length mm x high mm): Weight (kg):
Time for heating:  
We would require samples you can provide:
Samples + drawing Only drawing  
Our induction units are completed with a standard induction coil. This coil may not fit with devices you use for holding and handling.
Customer request:  
Temperature control
Special requirements for temperature course.:
Temperature controller:  
Mains supply
230 V, 1 phase, N, PE 400 V, 3 phase, N, PE 220 V, 3 phase, N, PE  
Other supply voltage, if yes which : Fluctuations in the line increasing (V):
decreasing (V):  
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